Application Assistance

Applying to study abroad can be a stressful time for both parents and prospective students. With the potential for high rewards, it is important that the application process runs smooth, efficient and effective. Our vast experience dealing with the Rigours of applying to universities and colleges provides you with the perfect partner to assist and guide you through your application.

Different universities have different and specific requirements that applicants must meet, in order to be accepted. Q Study serves as an intermediary between you the client and the University of your choice, monitoring your application, notifying you of any needed changes, language requirements, certifications or documentation, or whatever that may arise. We will also contact you once your application has been processed and inform you of the decision.

Q Study provides our clients with a variety of resources to choose the best University and program and can offer advice about the unique selling propositions of the different Universities and programs, as well as the surrounding cities and towns. The learning environment is very important for students; therefore, we strive to make sure that our clients choose the best options available to them. Whether it be information on accommodation, community engagement, logistics, or other enquiries, Q Study can help. We also offer Counseling services for prospective students which teach them how to translate their desired program into a potential career in Malaysia, The United Kingdom, and The United States of America.

  • Our Services that clients can expect

    • Assisting in research of educational institutions
    • Aid in choosing the right programmes and institutions
    • Assisting in the application and admission
    • Monitoring the application status
    • Disseminating information on the prerequisites of application; eg. English test
    • Assisting on accommodation, transportation and logistics services

Process of Admission

  • Step 1

    Send a copy

    Send a copy of highest academic qualification for vetting

  • Step 2

    Fill application

    Fill up application form + All required Documents.

  • Step 3

    Offer Letter

    Receive eligibility / conditional offer

  • Step 4

    Accept Offer

    Make initial payments to University to receive a confirmation letter

  • Step 5

    Visa Application

    The University will issue a confirmation of admissions

  • Step 6

    Ready to go / For Enrolment

    Accommodation and airport pick up arrangements


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