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Moving to Malaysia? Welcome home

You know where and what you’re studying – well done! Now it’s time to find a great place to live.

There is an enormous choice of accommodation options that are available in Malaysia. You may stay as a resident on campus, look for a room on rent, home stay or find a local host (cost will vary from city to city). It is, however, important to find a place that suits you the best.

Q Study, with its quality accommodation service providers, helps you find a home that goes well with your lifestyle and also budget friendly.

Making you feel at home

It is our desire to make you feel at home in Malaysia. Finding the right place to live also depends on your age, type of course and in which education institute you are pursuing in Malaysia.

Tertiary students have their choice of:

No Choice
01 Student residences
02 Living in a home stay with a Malaysian family
03 Living with family, friends or by yourself


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